We are pleased to unveil the final shortlist of nominees for the Under 30 CEOs Awards!

Congratulations to those who made the list!

The winners will be announced at the Award event scheduled to hold on the 11th of December 2022 at the Ballroom, Abuja.

Outstanding young people with exceptional achievements in the agricultural sector.

Individuals with exceptional achievements in the beauty industry; hair, nails and make-up artist, skin care experts.

Startups that have added significant value and caused significant change in both social/economic development.

Exceptionally creative individuals who added significant value to the creative industry; fine arts, painters, pottery, film makers.

Individuals that have developed/engaged in ground breaking educational innovations and activities

Enterprising individuals who have shown/demonstrated pro-activeness in delivering solutions in the business world.

Outstanding event planners or event solutions companies.

Remarkable fashion directors/designers, stylists and fashion influencers.

Young, leading finance icons with significant impact and advance in the finance sector.

Exceptional food service providers; chefs, restaurants, companies.

Exceptional Hospitality service providers; Tour guides, recreational service providers, laundry service providers, restaurant, lounges, hotel owners etc.

Outstanding Make-Up Artists.

Remarkably innovative individuals that have made ground breaking impact in the manufacturing sector; shoes, bags, textiles production etc.

Most outstanding PR teams/company and Individuals.

Media houses and channels that have done excellently well in engaging its audience; news, entertainment.

Best breakout artists, distribution companies in the past year.

Most influential Online Personalities on Radio, TV and Social Media.

Individuals with exceptional creative skills in photo/video shoots, editing.

Exceptional individuals driving and influencing political change and policies.

Individuals that have significantly impacted the community through public service.

Individuals that have made great and profitable strides in the real estate world.

Most influential social entrepreneurs who have made great impact on community development .

Most Influential personality across all social media platforms.

Solohan Lawyer Of The Year

Outstanding sports and gym instructors/company.

Individuals with outstanding technological innovation; FinTech, AgriTech.

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Quick note of thanks for putting on another great show. Great group of attendees and content as rich as ever.
Ibrahim Shehu Shema
Governor of Katsina State (2007-2015)
Super event this year! The topics where spot on and the discussions informative and fresh.
Dr. Linus Okorie
CEO GOTNI Leadership Center
Winning the Under 30 CEOs Awards for Breakout Startup in 2021 has been very beneficial to my brand. Asides, the great recognition It came with, the cash prize also helped me in improving the quality of my products, scale my business and also enable me reach a wider audience.
Inem Shina
CEO Inem Beauty
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